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Meet The Artist and creator of the Pepe Soho Coming Home NFT collection, the world’s first fully immersive NFT experience that comes to life in the metaverse

The Artist Pepe Soho

“The camera was the instrument that guided me on the journey back home.”

The Artist Pepe Soho is an award-winning nature and landscape photographer from México who acquired a love for the craft following a series of life-changing events. While harmonizing with each environment, and deeply focusing his mind’s eye on a subject to capture its essence at the precise moment, he discovered a path to healing and self awareness. An accomplished fashion designer, musician, and entertainment operator, he went on to study at New York’s International Center of Photography (ICP), honing his skills over scores of photo expeditions across more than 50 countries. Soho’s images of raw beauty and nature have captivated world-wide audiences. 

“Zen,” shot in Mozambique, took fourth place at the 2016 World Photographic Cup in the Nature category. “Believe,” shot in Chile, won first place in the same category the following year. Forbes named Soho one of México’s most creative people, and the National Tourism Guide called him “One of México’s best artists.” With numerous honors and awards, Soho was a La Ciudad de las Ideas speaker, Reto Foto México jury member, an ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund, and is associated with many international projects.

The Pepe Soho Mystika Immersive Museum is a 14,000 square foot spiritual experience located in the heart of Tulum, México’s cultural center for Mayan heritage. His galleries are located in the Polanco district of México City and Playa del Carmen. 

“Wherever You Are On Your Journey, I Wish You A Blessed Journey Back Home.”

~Artist and photographer, Pepe Soho